Janet ‘s Bio

Invested. Innovative. Inclusive. Janet Kitui exemplifies these characteristics in her personal and professional lives and more importantly, with her community advocacy efforts.  Making Minnesota her home for over 30 years ago, she has raised her three daughters, been actively involved in shaping the educational system and been a grassroot activist for social change in the Twin Cities.  As a President of the Parent Teacher Council (2012 – 2013) Southview Middle School and basketball Mom with Edina High School Varsity team 2016 – present, Janet advocates for academic enrichment that offers alternatives (i.e. vocation, sports, etc.) for young people to become inventors and contributors to society, regardless of their demographic background.  As Vice Chair of Our Revolution Twin Cities Chapter, she is passionate about seeking innovate ways to creatively engage in diverse, community outreach that works with candidates that care about social, economic and environmental justice.  In 2016, when community concerns in Edina, MN erupted regarding bias, inequalities and  treatment of diverse people by those in authority, Janet made her voice heard on this very emotionally, yet pressing issue. “It is nice that we are having a dialogue, but the real heavy lifting really will take political will on [the part of] the politicians,” Kitui said (StarTribune, 2018).  Continuing to engage in meaningful dialogue that will shape progressive change, Janet has committed to “throwing her hat in the ring” as a candidate for the 2018 Edina City Council.


Janet has over 20 years of professional experience in the corporate and government sector, currently serving the State of Minnesota and a small business owner.  Her expertise is in business analysis that drives optimal performance by eliminating waste and drives profitability in supply chain management.  She holds a Masters of Business Administration from Hamline University, St. Paul, MN and a Bachelor of Science in International Business form Moorhead State University, Moorhead, MN.